We Are the tech-experiential agency specializing on digital, hybrid and live experiences.  We are a multi-disciplinary innovation team that specializes in the interactive design of various installations, experiences and comprehensive multimedia solutions.

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We do it all. While digitalization is on everyone’s mouth, it’s actually on our hands. We create visuals, animated content, 3D graphics, interactive apps and presentations. We do virtual events and productions, We are living in hybrid world since the beginning of the company. We’re constantly prototyping and experimenting, nurturing our drive for growth and creative sides of our somewhat technical heads. Yep, you’ve guessed right, there’s programming there – it is all actually about creative coding & software.

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We do it all. While digitalization is on everyone’s mouth, it’s actually on our hands.We create visuals, animated content, 2D and 3D graphics, interactive apps, presentations, all used in interactive installations, commercials and films. We design and deliver tech and multimedia solutions for museums, showrooms and all stage types. We animate, render, digtialise, experiment and thrive for innovation. You’ll find us everywhere where there’s new tech needed – we’re where fixed installations are, in showrooms, museums and art expos. You can encounter our work in theatres, stages, at music gigs and fashion shows. We create digital art statements of tomorrow. We’re there for your business, too. We provide multimedia solutions for trade fairs and conferences. We create high quality 2D and 3D animations and commercials for web and social media use.


You! Nowadays there’s no such thing as a business or a branch that doesn’t require digital production – only ones that haven’t realized it yet. We’re a digital and multimedia partner to other companies, artists, scenographers, designers and directors.
We work alongside marketing agencies, architects, product designers, expo stands designers and manufacturers, event organizers and event agencies. We cooperate with museums, we’re in spaces of public entity, we’re in showrooms. If you passed an interactive billboard or an installation during your day, we just said ‘hi’ to you.


  • brainstorming
  • concept creation
  • briefs and scenarios
  • storyboards
  • animatics
  • graphic design
  • 2D & 3D
  • immersive content
  • animations
  • sound design
  • VR & AR
  • programming
  • VFX
  • GFX
  • sound composition
  • testing
  • immersive installations
  • interactive apps
  • light design
  • sound design
  • interactive design
  • showroom design
  • equipment set up and installation
  • on-site support
  • remote support


Interdisciplinary team on a comprehensive digital production line.



You can call us up without any precise explanation on what it is you’d like to have done. The important thing is what you’d like to achieve. Would you like your clients to see the music? Are you looking for a way for the people to engage with your digital content? Maybe you want to show that what you offer is so soft, it can float in the air? Create an unforgettable virtual event? We’ll make it happen. And explain how it’s done, too.



Here’s where the creative work continues - depending on the service, this might be the stage where we draft up first storyboards, create initial wireframes, bring some specialists together to design a unique experience… basically coming up with this one special solution, that will be made uniquely for you. Please note, we can’t do it alone- we expect you to be involved in the process, at least letting us know if you find the direction we’re heading the most fitting for you.



Once we have the idea in place, it is time to test it. At this point we create the first version of your experience in order to test and see how all the technology- interactive apps, 3D mapping, digital programming, tracking, projection and many more- comes together. Then we work on its relation with the art - animations, graphics, motion design and any other type of content - all designed in-house and always congruent with the tech.



Here’s where, within our multimedia company, we actually develop the tech and/or create the digital content, putting it all into agreed upon structures. Usually (however it all depends on the project) this stage, that is actual multimedia production, is the one that is the most time-consuming. Reason for that is not only a volume of virtual content or complexity of interactive technology, but also quality checks that we run in order to make sure that service is delivered on the highest level.



We’re with you till the very launch (and sometimes a bit longer). Should tech solution be the final result of our cooperation, we’ll bring it to the designed site and implement it, with final tests conducted on-site before the kick-off. If it’s a reactive piece of installation (one that is to really interact with its users), our interactive agency agents will oversee it during the display. We’ll support you with the content, too! If it’s not a service that we’ve coupled with tech solution we’ll support your technicians in implementing it within dedicated tech.



This is the most important, final stage of the entire project - the moment when you present it to your clients. Maybe it will be the first day of the fair or event, product premiere, showroom opening... We will be with you all this time until the end of the event, supporting implementation systems, media servers, etc. We will take care of every detail of your event, both online and in real. You are in good hands!

Ready to dive into a digital adventure with us?


We’re your ‘go-to’ interdisciplinary team of engineers, graphic and motion designers, producers and programmers. We work as a team and we think as one. We trust in synergy, power of collaboration and collective experience. We think out of any box, combining art with tech on a daily basis. We have a lots of projects in our pockets – from simple multimedia solutions to specialized constructions, from 2D content to multi-layered holograms. We’re proud to see our projects implemented and working their way in the world. Our theme is to be holistic about design. We’re fluent both in art and design abstract language and in tech specific code-like dialogue, with an ability to use them simultaneously or interchangeably whenever needed.


We’re headquartered in Poznań, a city of innovations. Here’s where all of the experimenting and design buzz happens. We believe that the space we’re in has a direct impact on our work, gives us a bust and is capable of enhancing results.
It’s not only about the space though, it’s the people within it that make the magic.
We inspire one another. Being together allows us to look at things through different set of eyes. Each day ensures us a fresh look and brings new challenges. Now it’s time to take a step forward, we’re opening our doors to like-minded people. If you’re a freelancer looking for a unique working environment, open to exchanging experiences and as passionate about combining art and tech as we are – contact us and let’s talk about your place in our coworking space! Let’s meet where impossible is nothing and where walking a few inches above the ground is a common thing to do.