We are a team of fairly eager specialists who, combining their industries and fields, build unique installations (even when they’re elementary).
Our services consist of design and implementation of comprehensive multimedia solutions. We create visuals, animations, 3D graphics, interactive presentations and scenographies based, among other techniques, on 3D mapping and holographic projections. Where there’s plane we find dimensions. We bring facades to life. We make the immobile move.
Results of our work reach clients all over the world, becoming an inherent part of the most interesting events, exhibitions or fairs. More often than not, we’re present there as well.


25 June, 2023

Responsibilities include:

– Participating in design, testing, and implementation of Unreal Engine workflow,
– Supporting artists working in Unreal Engine,
– Creating Blueprints for the need of current projects,
– Supporting artists in using Blender 3D,
– Creating user documentation and internal know-how in regards to Unreal Engine,
– Advising teams on the organization of scenes, levels, and assets in current projects,
– Cooperating with the designers team

Apply if below describes your experience and interests:


– min. 2 years of experience in programming in Unreal Engine 5,
– Excellent knowledge of Unreal Engine 5 & Blueprint system,
– knowledge of Perforce or Git,
– Basic knowledge of C++ programming language as well as API in UE5,
– knowledge of design patterns, algorithmics, and good programming practices,
– Good knowledge of tools used by artists in the 3D production process,
– Independence and creativity in solving technical problems,
– Excellent communication skills.



– Knowledge of Python language,

– Previous experience in VFX, animation, or game dev industry,

– Knowledge of animation/VFX pipeline,

– Experience working with the Shotgun system (Shotgun API).

  1. – you have strong skills in Unreal 4 and up
  2. – you had a lot to do with object-oriented analysis and design
  3. – you are more than able to communicate in English
  4. – you’re interested in or have knowledge of trends and processes in an interactive design
  5. – you’ve worked a bit in Photoshop, Illustrator, XD
  6. – you’re self-organized and responsible
  7. – you can be effective even when on a deadline
  8. – you’re creative and always searching for opportunities to grow
  9. – you’re a team player (or able to be, whenever needed)
  10. – it’s safe to say that you can be relied on
  11. – amongst your hidden assets there are skills HTML/CSS/JS
  12. – you’re interested in games design
  13. – you find yourself experimenting with electronics (such as Arduino) in your free time

Our offer:

  1. – the place to be, if you’re looking for growth and dynamic work environment
  2. – being a part of awesome ventures and interesting projects (from their beginning to an on-site installation)
  3. – a professional challenge on every corner
  4. – an opportunity to work with the newest tech
  5. – mental and financial support of trainings and developing qualifications
  6. – being part of a team that feels (and acts) like a family
  7. – not last and not least (more to be told during an interview), a competitive salary