We are a team of fairly eager specialists who, combining their industries and fields, build unique installations (even when they’re elementary).
Our services consist of design and implementation of comprehensive multimedia solutions. We create visuals, animations, 3D graphics, interactive presentations and scenographies based, among other techniques, on 3D mapping and holographic projections. Where there’s plane we find dimensions. We bring facades to life. We make the immobile move.
Results of our work reach clients all over the world, becoming an inherent part of the most interesting events, exhibitions or fairs. More often than not, we’re present there as well.

Project Manager

We are currently looking for a Project Manager to partake in our venture.

Responsibilities include:

  1. Managing and coordinating multimedia projects (graphics, animations, interactive applications, etc.), especially
    proactive communication both with the client and the team,
    thorough analysis of the client’s needs, including:
    logical systemization of received materials
    breaking the requirements down for the processes production
    creating briefs
    preparation and implementation of project schedule, including:
    – resources organization,
    – finding and hiring subcontractors and supervising their work,
    – cooperation with graphic designers / animators / programmers
    – supervision over the course of production
    – reacting to emerging changes in the schedule
    current and reliable preparation of budgets and valuations
  2. Active participation in creating concepts, scenarios, commercial presentations and graphic materials in cooperation with the team.
    Apply if below describes your experience and interests:
  3. – you’ve worked before in a similar role (graphic studio/agency/production house) – preferably a few years
  4. – you have experience both in project and team management, at least a couple of years
  5. – you’re not scared of an unsociable hours occuring at times
  6. – you’ve dealt with clients quite a bit (presentations, negotiations, quotes, offers, maintaining relationships)
  7. – you have a few stroryboards and scripts in your bag
  8. – you communicate in English, obviously
  9. – you’re ready to travel once a month
  10. – you’d rather look for a solution than complain about a problem
  11. – your ideas can be described as infectious

Our offer:

  1. – the place to be, if you’re looking for growth and dynamic work environment
  2. – being a part of awesome ventures and interesting projects (from their beginning to an on-site installation)
  3. – a professional challenge on every corner
  4. – mental and financial support of trainings and developing qualifications
    being part of a team that feels (and acts) like a family
  5. – not last and not least (more to be told during an interview), a competitive salary