eVerest – Virtual Event


eVerest is an event idea we created for one of the leading electronic banking companies. Our goal was to organize an event taking place entirely online for several dozen of the bank’s key clients. The detailed concept outlines step by step how to conduct an e-event that engages participants just as much as a meeting in the real world.

Virtual event experience eVerest

We embarked on the project at a time when the first solutions offering virtual events and alternative ways of communicating with customers were appearing on the Internet. They were dedicated to companies and organizations which could not meet their customers due to the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The situation unexpectedly changed the plans of basically everyone who deals with event marketing in the world. Organizers were forced to cancel most events or move them online. For our team, these circumstances were quite a challenge, but at the same time an incredible opportunity to use our advanced digital marketing skills and modern digital tools, which until now had been understood only by a few clients in certain industries. The others generally did not consider them at all. At the beginning of 2020, the situation changed dramatically, and we were prepared for this thanks to the virtual product launches, trainings and conferences we had already done.

A challenge on par with Everest

eVerest is a virtual journey around the most iconic mountain in the world. We decided to make it an exclusive meeting with the participants of expeditions to Mount Everest, who will talk about their experiences, combating their own weaknesses and the highest mountain in the world. All in total virtual reality! We wanted the participants to have access to all the possibilities offered by a traditional event, such as communicating with the presenters, participating in discussions, taking part in a quiz and voting. This is a truly virtual event from start to finish. So how do you get participants to accept the invitation and make the event as attractive as, say, a dog sled ride around the Arctic Circle? How do you make an online event evoke real emotion and provide an engaging experience?

The key to success was a unique gadget that event participants would receive with their invitation. The idea was to make the digital experience attractive enough for the participant to completely focus their attention on the virtual e-event; to draw them completely into the virtual world. The gadget we designed therefore had two functions – it was an original designer gift and at the same time, thanks to AR technology, it became a digital bridge actively leading the participant into the online world.

Unpacking – unforgettable experience

An e-event is not just a broadcast and an online meeting, but an accompanying experience that remains in the memory for a long time. The gift that participants receive before the event is an important part of this experience and an attractive reinforcement of the invitation. This gadget should be something special, so we designed a designer item with high-quality materials: a 3D view of Mount Everest embedded in laser-engraved glass.

We wanted the moment of taking the gift out of the box to be exciting for the recipient and evoke the same positive emotions that we usually experience when unpacking our dream phone or tablet. Unpacking is a way to establish an emotional bond with the participant and arouse their curiosity. But this is only the beginning… Our gift is not meant to be just a desk decoration – it will serve the participant as a marker of augmented reality! We designed it so that when placed in the frame of a smartphone or tablet and an AR app, it acts as a digital guide. All the user has to do is scan the QR code and they will automatically be directed to download the app to register for the online event. At the same time, they will gain access to unique AR content offered only to registered event attendees.