The Light Sphere

An interactive experiential light installation

The Lightsphere is an interactive experiential light installation that we made for Poznań Design Festival, inspired by the art of Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. This interactive installation was designed to be a personal experience, that would be unique and unrepeatable for each human being.

Each experience has two ends – the light has an impact on our well-being and physical health, so could our presence also alter the light’s behaviour? Can we touch it, instead of just dropping a shadow? Can we change its color or alter its intensity? The Lightsphere gives you a reverse experience. With a sense of touch you can impact the light. This interactive installation is a combination of advanced particles system, an avant-garde reactive colour design, progressive sensors and state-of-the-art programming. All of that put together under MOOV’s roof, aligns into an unforgettable experience.

Taking on a notion that how we feel both physically and emotionally has an impact on our surroundings, we are translating it further. We’re working to evolve the Lightsphere from a cutting-edge tangible table to an installation that would be reactive not only to your sense of touch, but also your heart rate, body alignment & temperature and overall sense of self.

We are working on the evolution of the Lightsphere – from a modern reactive touch surface to an installation that would respond not only to the sense of touch, but also to the heart rate, general physical condition and mood.


Aurora Personalis 2.0 coming soon! Get in touch if you’d like to experience this kind of magic too!