Interactive Portfolio App on Tangible Table


An interactive table with tangible portfolio

We created an interactive application for Novelis, one of the largest aluminum processing companies. The application was presented on an interactive table. Customers could get to know the exhibitor’s offer in a very modern way. The client’s product groups were presented as “tokens”, the arrangement of which on the screen caused the application to start. Rotating the token controlled the interactive menu, allowing visitors to get acquainted with a very wide range of products.

Interactive table starting page
inteeractive table

Novelis is an American industrial company engaged in the production of flat aluminum and aluminum recycling. A very important requirement of the client was to present the company in the most “digital” way possible, in order to emphasize its responsibility for the natural environment, environmental protection and carbon footprint. Therefore, there were no printed advertising materials at the stand, only digital information.

We designed the application in such a way that visitors could download information directly to their phones. All they had to do was scan the QR code displayed to automatically redirect their phone to the appropriate page where informational materials were located. The use of QR code along with a very modern interactive table that can recognize objects turned out to be a very effective solution.