Modern concept creation

digital scenography

multimedia and light design


production and implementation

We’ve been diving deep into stage design, both in theaters and in the music industry, for over a dozen years. Stage design is a combination of technology and art on which MOOV is grounded. Each stage design created by us is developed not only with diligence, but also with a comprehensive understanding of technology and art of events. Each serves as a unique integrator of an event. With use of specific technologies, our range of services also includes an interactive stage, a performance is co-created with applied science.

Working with passionate artists is on our ‘love-to-do’ list. Integrating the stage with the show, aligning it with music and motion design means that the stage becomes an integral part of performance (with use of interactive screen and interactive projection) – and that’s a miracle of truly digital stage design.

Light design
Innovative concept
Stage mechanics
Mediaservers’ programming

We create digital, technologically advanced 3D sets – thanks to that, artists can engage in a unique interaction with digital scenography. Thanks to the appropriate configuration of the technology, 3D scenography is reactive – performers can launch a given element only with their voice or a specific sequence of movements. Design a set with us!