virtual production

digital scenography design

virtual studio

content creation

full crew & set support

production & final polishing

We offer a comprehensive digital production, including on-air and studio graphics solutions. We’re here for you, whether you’re in search of a virtual studio, an online conference, a virtual showroom or a digital data presentation. From the very first steps of design, through the on-site support and the implementation, we offer full support real-time. These services include concept design, 3d content, logos, AR, MR, XR, virtual stage, show openers, on-air graphics, video walls, object projections and anything you might imagine. Truly compel your audience with visual content. Immersion is possible through a computer screen, too.

(and if you’re looking for a digital support with your real-life or hybrid event, we’ve got you covered there, too)

Augmented reality
Mixed reality
VR studio
Tech support

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