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MOOV - experiential agency - We work on digital, hybrid and live projects

We are a tech oriented production house specializing in events and experiences.

więcej MNIEJ

We are a multi-disciplinary innovation team that specializes in the interactive design of various installations, experiences and comprehensive multimedia solutions.


We are an experiential agency, while digitalization is on everyone’s mouth, it’s actually on our hands.We create visuals, animated content, 2D and 3D graphics, interactive apps, presentations, all used in interactive installations, commercials and films. We design and deliver tech and multimedia solutions for museums, showrooms and all stage types. We animate, render, digtialise, experiment and thrive for innovation. You’ll find us everywhere where there’s new tech needed – we’re where fixed installations are, in showrooms, museums and art expos. You can encounter our work in theatres, stages, at music gigs and fashion shows. We create digital art statements of tomorrow. We’re there for your business, too. We provide multimedia solutions for trade fairs and conferences. We create high quality 2D and 3D animations and commercials for web and social media use.


You! Nowadays there’s no such thing as a business or a branch that doesn’t require digital production – only ones that haven’t realized it yet. We’re a digital and multimedia partner to other companies, artists, scenographers, designers and directors.

We work alongside marketing agencies, architects, product designers, expo stands designers and manufacturers, event organizers and event agencies. We cooperate with museums, we’re in spaces of public entity, we’re in showrooms. If you passed an interactive billboard or an installation during your day, we just said ‘hi’ to you.


We’re your ‘go-to’ interdisciplinary team of engineers, graphic and motion designers, producers and programmers. We work as a team and we think as one. We trust in synergy, power of collaboration and collective experience. We think out of any box, combining art with tech on a daily basis. We have a lots of projects in our pockets – from simple multimedia solutions to specialized constructions, from 2D content to multi-layered holograms. We’re proud to see our projects implemented and working their way in the world. Our theme is to be holistic about design. We’re fluent both in art and design abstract language and in tech specific code-like dialogue, with an ability to use them simultaneously or interchangeably whenever needed.

Ready to dive into a digital adventure with us?