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Who is who in MOOV – meet moov team. MOOV is a well-established experiential agency team that has been creating exceptional events and installations for the past 15 years. The team comprises of creators, designers, engineers, and producers. Additionally, software developers who are passionate about working at the intersection of technology and art.

Unlike most companies that focus on delivering only one aspect of the event/production. MOOV has the privilege of having a team of experts in each field. Including Audio-Visual Tech, Stage design, Graphic and Motion design, and Software Development. The team is capable of working at any stage of the production, from concept to the final execution, making sure that the project is a complete success.

Award-winning – meet moov team

MOOV team has completed several projects, ranging from simple conference presentations to complex experiential installations and events. Their projects are recognizable and awarded, including the InAVation Award 2012 in Amsterdam and the Best Small Booth LDI 2016 in Las Vegas.

Meet key personas from moov team

The team at MOOV is headed by Piotr Majewski, the CCO, Creative Director, and founder of MOOV. With over 25 years of experience in the AV industry, Piotr is a creative visionary. Who combines technical knowledge with artistic vision. One of his greatest achievements was creating and producing one of the first professional 3D car mappings for Volkswagen. The installation won the InAVation Award 2012, the most important professional award for audio and video installation companies.

Piotr Majewski MOOV


Agata Dutka is the COO, Managing Director, and Lead Producer at MOOV. With almost 20 years of experience in the exhibition and event industry, she has managed and directed several international enterprises. In 2008, she was awarded the prize of the Minister of the Environment for special merits during the organization of the UN Climate Change Conference held in Poland. Agata is responsible for managing and overseeing every production and execution element, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Agata Dutka MOOV

Who is at Meet moov team technical core talents

Szymon Kabała is the Art Director, Multimedia Designer, and 3D Artist at MOOV. With 10 years of experience in designing multimedia shows, 3D animations, interactive installations, projection mapped sculptures, and creative applications, Szymon has gained a reputation for his eye-catching creations. He studied at the University of Fine Arts, faculty of Animation, and his graduation project was selected for the first Vimeo Festival and Awards 2010 in New York. His creations have won valuable awards like UPC Digital Art 2015.

Szymon Kabała MOOV

meet moov team – last info – news

Bartek Barlowski is the Tech Lead at MOOV. He is an experienced Founder who has demonstrated a history of working in the digital industry. Skilled in Digital Film Production, Game Design, User Experience, User Interface Design, and Animation, Bartek is a strong entrepreneurship professional who graduated from Vancouver Film School in Canada. He is an Epic Games certified instructor and specializes in virtual production and virtual events. He works with filmmakers and game devs, supporting students, Epic Games instructors, and mentors in Unreal Engine 5.

Bartosz Barłowski - meet moov team


Mateusz Marchwicki is the CTO, Creative Developer, Hardware Engineer, Maker, and Tech Lead at MOOV. He has over 10 years of experience in interactive projection mapping, AV shows, and interactive & VR installations. Mateusz creates Interactive Installations, VR Experiences, Games, and Designs Hardware. He works with C++ (oF, Cinder), Unity3D, Projection Mappings, Computer Vision, Leap Motion, Kinect, Radar Technologies, Arduino, Eagle, Rhino, 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Electronics, Raspberry Pi, to name a few. Subsequently, he received a couple of FWA Awards and the Cannes Brown Lion for the Swisscom Snow Drawings Project.

Mateusz Marchwicki - meet moov team

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Henry Ford

We’re your ‘go-to’ interdisciplinary team of engineers, graphic and motion designers, producers and programmers. We work as a team and we think as one. We trust in synergy, power of collaboration and collective experience.

The power of team play

Meet Moov Team

We think out of any box, combining art with tech on a daily basis. Meet MOOV team – We have a lots of projects in our pockets – from simple multimedia solutions to specialized constructions, from 2D content to multi-layered holograms.

meet our team - piotr majewski

Piotr Majewski
CCO, partner

meet our team Agata Dutka

Agata Dutka
COO, partner

Szymon Kabała meet our team

Szymon Kabała
Art Director, partner

Bartek Barłowski meet our team

Bartek Barłowski
CTO, Partner

We’re proud to see our projects implemented and working their way in the world. Our theme is to be holistic about design. We’re fluent both in art and design abstract language and in tech specific code-like dialogue, with an ability to use them simultaneously or interchangeably whenever needed.

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