projection mapping

Projection mapping is based on the use of three-dimensional objects as the base surface. 3D mapping is possible everywhere, so you can take into account both 3D mapping on the building and on cars or other objects. For example, 3D mapping on a car that is still will create the illusion of its movement.

Kinetic mapping goes beyond the classical projection mapping. The kinetic factor along with tracking technology makes the surface a part of the motion. With that it’s all about making the movement as a part of a display. And we can make it MOOV.

This technology can be either based on use of BlackTrax trackers or on a customized solution we have developed in-house.

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– real-time object and movement tracking
– specialized multimedia servers
– professional projectors and lenses tailored to the service

Multimedia servers
3D scanning
Multimedia projectors
Tracking your position
Content 3D design

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