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MOOV is led by experiential marketing experts who blend industry experience with an unwavering passion for tackling new challenges. As perpetual problem solvers, we proactively anticipate challenges and work tirelessly to overcome obstacles to ensure program success. Moreover, we make interactive projects for your audience.

Our worldwide network of production resources allows us to efficiently roll out programs in all markets, large and small while leveraging local insight and resources to ensure an authentic and relevant consumer experience. We can seamlessly plug into any stage of the planning and activation process, from event strategy to program development to on-site execution.  Event digital hybrid live agency reliable pricing.

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The event market, both due to the epidemiological situation in the world and technological development, is moving to the web. We’re right there to meet the e-event organizers’ needs. With strong specialization in multimedia projects and events running in our blood, we offer comprehensive service of an online event – regardless if it is a conference, webinar, shareholders’ meeting or any other kind of e-event. Moreover, our event digital hybrid live agency will make a wow effect for you!

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We offer comprehensive digital production, including on-air and studio graphics solutions. We’re here for you, whether you’re in search of a virtual studio, an online conference, a virtual showroom or a digital data presentation. From the very first steps of design, through the on-site support and the implementation, we offer full support real-time. These services include concept design, 3d content, logos, AR, MR, XR, virtual stage, show openers, on-air graphics, video walls, object projections and anything you might imagine. Truly compel your audience with visual content. Immersion is possible through a computer screen, metaverse.

In summary, we are an event digital hybrid live agency tailor-made for you!