VW CADY 5 – Car Mapping

For the launch of the Volkswagen Caddy 5th generation, we were tasked with creating an immersive multimedia installation that not only showcased the vehicle but also transported viewers into a world crafted around its journey. This project combined LED screens, projection mapping, and special effects to simulate dynamic environments, making the Caddy the protagonist of a captivating narrative.

Concept and Design Process


The concept centered around using projection mapping to create the illusion of the Caddy traveling through different landscapes. Our creative process involved detailed planning and 3D modeling to ensure that the real model of the Caddy was seamlessly integrated into a digital world. We developed a set design using LED screens and floor projections to envelop the car in this narrative, emphasizing the vehicle’s innovative features and design.

Technical Setup


Our technical setup was a complex orchestration of LED screens, an LED floor for the base of the vehicle, and a multimedia projector that illuminated the car’s bodywork with high-quality animations and effects. The inclusion of effect lights and a sound system further enhanced the immersive experience. Diagrams and behind-the-scenes photos would illustrate the meticulous setup and innovative use of technology.

Challenges and Solutions


We faced a significant challenge in the technical limitations of the venue, which required precise planning and modeling to overcome. Additionally, coordinating the creation of content across multiple teams—ranging from video recordings in the factory to photorealistic animations and projection mapping conten. Our solution was a rigorous planning phase and leveraging our control over the content creation process to ensure flexibility and adaptability at every stage.

Final Installation


The final installation was a testament to the power of immersive multimedia experiences. Through a combination of projection mapping and carefully curated content, we created a dynamic world around the stationary Caddy, making it appear as if it was moving through various landscapes and scenarios. High-quality images and videos of the installation showcase the depth of immersion achieved, capturing the audience’s reaction and the atmospheric effects that made the event memorable.

Results and Impact


The project was a resounding success, marking another milestone in our journey of creating innovative multimedia installations. It provided us with valuable experience in the automotive industry and reinforced our capabilities in integrating technology and creativity to produce engaging experiences. The feedback from Volkswagen and the audience was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the installation’s role in enhancing the vehicle’s launch and setting a new benchmark for automotive exhibitions.



This project exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of multimedia art and technology. It not only added a significant piece to our portfolio but also set the stage for future innovations in immersive experiences. As we move forward, we are excited to explore new technologies and creative approaches that will continue to redefine what is possible in digital storytelling and experiential design.