interactive table on gitex show


Interactive installations on trade fair booth

We were excited to prepare a modern presentation of Fasah’s offer at the Global Technology Show GiteX in Dubai. As MOOV, we designed four interactive installations. Although we crafted an innovative brand message that positioned Fasah as a technological leader in the logistics industry. We leveraged four different interactive technologies from our portfolio to showcase Fasah’s offer in an engaging way. Using these technologies, we created multimedia installations that highlighted Fasah’s brand message as a reliable partner for international trade and a leader in technology. Our primary objective was to attract and engage visitors with interactive and immersive experiences that showcased exhibitors innovative solutions and wide customer offers.

fasah gitex booth animation sample frame

Holographic Cinema

Holobox is an amazing technology that allows for the creation of three-dimensional images and can serve as a lure attracting the attention of trade fair visitors to the stand. Holobox is usually set up in such a way as to encourage as many people as possible to visit the stand. The content in this device is usually presented using infographics and animations.

Interactive Projection

Print, infographics on the wall of the stand do not have to be just a static print, The wall could be interactive installation. Thanks to projection and mapping as well as graphics with animations, we have created an interactive projection that enlivened the static print with animated projections explaining the functioning of individual elements of the digitized customs clearance system in Fasah ports.

Holographic Experience

The hologram can be used independently by the visitor, but the exhibitor can also use the content presented in it as element of the presentation during conversations with customers. Afterward Holobox is one of the most popular eye-catchers on trade fair booth

interactive instalations at Gitex Booth durring Gitex Show in Dubai

Tangible Table

At the stand, visitors were able to explore Fasah’s rich portfolio of services through a specially designed interactive touch table. The interface was intuitive and easy-to-use, thanks to the technology we used. By placing real objects, or “tokens,” on the table surface, visitors could easily manage the presentation and navigate through the offerings with a simple touch.